AccuMILLTM 1201 Plus Specifications                                             AccuMILLTM
Series            LM                                             SM                          ST

Drive Motor        Linear Motors -High performance      DC Servo                          Stepper       

Control                USB2 / FireWire                                   USB2/DSP                      USB2/Digital

Resolution           1 to  .05uM (0.00004䯠0.000002㰡n style="">)     .0001㰡n style="">                             .0001ﺰ>

Repeatability        2 to  0.1 uM                                            .0002㰡n style="">                             .00025羚nt>

Accuracy              5 to  1.0 uM*                                           .0004岠foot                 .0005ﺰ>

Travel Speed        15ft/Sec( 3m+/sec.)                                  600�.                        100�.

Active Area          6攠to 60气                                      12Რto 60Ჰ㰡n style="">         8.5ᱮ75羚nt>

Spindle Speeds      7k/28k/50k/120k/400k for all                                          

Drive                     Direct                                                       Ball screw                       Ball screw

Tool Shank Dia.    1/8᯴᯲㰡n style="">                                           1/8᯴᯲㰡n style="">                 1/8ﺰ>

Head Float            Yes                                                              YES                               YES

4th Axis                 Yes                                                              Yes                                 YES

5th Axis                 Yes                                                              Yes                                 NO

Laser Option         YAG                                                            YAG                              N/A

Camera- high res.   Yes                                                             Yes                                 Yes   

Magnification         50x150x300 for all

Vision processor   Yes                                                              Yes                                 NO

Tool Change #Max  100                                                           100                                 8

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Cad input format   G-Code/STL/DXF/Gerber/Excellon/JPG/BMP/PNG for all

*@ 20oC controlled environment

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